Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mother's Day (Week!)

On Tuesday, I heard Sam's final Marimba performance...

On Thursday, I attended Hamp's final band performance...

On Friday, I celebrated the closing of our dear friends' restaurant and listened and danced and ate and drank and enjoyed being with all the fun people...

On Saturday, I watched Hamp play baseball at home while Sam & Gabe played at the park!

And on Sunday, I spent the morning on the lake with some of my favorite people...

... and then I enjoyed the afternoon with those people catching up and sharing stories and watching all the "kids" play!

So I feel like my role as a mother was celebrated all week.... from supporting my children in all of their favorite things (music, sports, playtime!) to supporting myself and all of my favorite things (music, water, playtime!).  

And as if all those fun adventures weren't enough to make it a stellar week... on the way home from the lake Sunday morning I got this:

Friday, May 18, 2018

April & May adventures

Ahhhhh.... spring.
I will not hesitate to tell anyone that it is my least favorite season.
Weather-wise it is frustrating: snow, sunshine, hail, rain, and wind... always wind.
However, I really should start to lighten up - because when else during the year can you do the following:

Saturday, March 31st Hamp's little league baseball opening games in Eagle where we enjoyed some sunshine and cool breeze.
Sunday, April 1st Sunlight's closing day where we enjoyed more sunshine and some pretty decent spring skiing - in tee shirts!
Friday, April 6th Hamp's season opener home track meet where we froze, but enjoyed watching his events - triple jump, long jump, shot-put and relay.

So within a week we squeezed in three really different, but excellent activities!
And our spring has not slowed down since then... it has been weekends full of track meets and baseball games and weeks full of practices. And despite the changing weather, we are happy to be busy doing what we love!

Ahhhhh... baseball!
Every year we look forward to the season with great excitement. It's one of Hamp's very favorite sports and he always has such a fun team of good kids to play with. But the past several years his team has not had much success. I hate to think that perhaps these guys peaked in the minor league (age 10!) but seriously, they have struggled to pull it together.

But just like spring, I need to lighten up instead of complaining about the obvious downside.
Despite their record, they get to play as a team and practice recovering from mistakes and learn how to make better throws and how to be smart about the game. They get a great hit one inning, and strike out the next... but they get back up to bat and cheer each other on regardless.
And every now and then I get to watch a baseball game in the sunshine!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018



#5 - the view
Loved having coffee in the morning on the rooftop patio while watching the cruise ships pull into port and listening to the tropical birds talk loudly about the sunrise..... AND having a beer in the evening on the beach watching the boats come to shore and the sunset over the Caribbean.

#4 - the history
We enjoyed exploring the Mayan ruins with a guide who was an excellent story teller and quick to point out any local wildlife!

#3 - Coconuts!
Our new favorite restaurant is a cliff dwelling hide away with sandy beach and palm trees as ambiance, live parrots at the bar, great fish tacos, and a view of the Caribbean Sea that is to die for!

#2 - snorkeling
The main attraction and the reason we booked the trip - and it did not disappoint! One day our guide Miguel took us out to several spectacular reefs just offshore... but mostly we swam right from our beach to see stingrays, squid, lobster, moray eels, barracuda, coral and myriad types of fish!

#1 - friends
Vacationing with our pseudo-cousins for the week made the journey infinitely more fun and entertaining! Whether snorkeling, playing in the pool, jumping waves, or just hours spent playing board games on the patio - these four were awesome together and (mostly!) good to one another.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Winter - inside

We did find plenty of ways to stay busy indoors this winter, too!
Whether cheering on the Meeker Cowboys High School basketball teams or watching the Winter Olympics - we found most indoor activities are better with friends!

The other winter sport that had me in the gym on Saturdays was Middle School wrestling. As a 110 pound 8th grader, Hamp saw a huge improvement from last years season and won more matches than he lost - resulting in a 6th place finish at one tournament (with at least a dozen schools) and a 4th place finish at his last tournament!

Then there was Sam's 5th grade "Pirate Musical" that his class had been preparing for all school year! It was very entertaining and needless to say, Sam had a great time!

And in case you thought all we did was play throughout the winter, here is excellent proof that these boys still have some focus on academics during the school year!
Hamp was part of a team that took their documentary video Jackie Robinson: Breaking Barriers to the Regional National History Day competition at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. Their presentation earned them entry to the State competition in May!

Needless to say, I am very proud of these boys for all they do and how hard they work - and play!