Thursday, October 6, 2011

just in time

The very best time to be in Colorado is probably the first weekend of October...

... so how lucky we were to have Yaya plan her visit for just that time!!!
Not only did she get to see the beautiful fall colors of the aspen trees in the 
Flat Tops Wilderness area...

... but of course, her sweet grandboys were the real reason she came!!!
We took a beautiful drive up into the mountains to have dinner at the Trapper's Lake Lodge and were joined by our very good friends and their boys!

And how wonderful that Yaya even picked up Aunt LaDonna to come visit for the weekend, too! We felt so blessed to have family and friends with us.

Of course, the timing was perfect to surprise our guests
and Gabe was total hit!
except that his sweet little puppy teeth are kind of sharp and tend to head straight for your ankles!
The real joy of the weekend was time spent with Yaya - she was so good to play games and read books with the boys...
... and Sam was beaming with pride when his Yaya was 
his "special guest" at his pre-school class!

Along with Aunt LaDonna, new books and lots of love, Yaya brought fun new shirts and sweaters for the boys... we had a great time watching them model their new digs and then just playing in the kitchen!

What a wonderful visit and perfect timing for the fall colors, the new puppy and lots and lots of great time spent with the whole family!!!

We miss you already Yaya & Aunt LaD!
Thank you so much for a great 5 days...

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