Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Missions

We have satellite radio in our car.
One of our favorite stations is Kids Place Live.
Fun songs for kids, and actually quite tolerable for adults!
One of the DJs on the KPL channel is Mindy - host of the Absolutely Mindy Show (for those of you with both kids and satellite radio, you either know her or you need to!) Mindy is squeaky, funny, and creative. Her shtick includes birthday shout-outs to kids across the satellite radio world and then doling out "birthday missions" so that upon completion of these three missions, the kid can then turn another year older.

Well July 3rd was Ali's birthday.
Mindy gave Ali three birthday mission to complete before she could officially turn 36.
Ali very enthusiastically took on the challenge...

Birthday Mission #1:
run through the sprinkler with your clothes on
Birthday Mission #2:
Eat a meal with your hands tied behind your back
Birthday Mission #3:
Draw/write a card to yourself in the future
(We took a little liberty with this one. The boys were anxious to use their Glow Explosion drawing kit, so we got Ali to draw a glow-in-the-dark picture of her life in the future!)
You successfully completed your 3 birthday missions - extra points for style!


  1. ooooh that just made me hungry for my new favorite breakfast: chex mix + peanut butter & jelly!!!!

  2. Oh my! I think this is the coolest way to celebrate a birthday EVER! We are going to have to tune in to the Absolutely Mindy Show! LOVE the funny missions and Ali's sweet willingness to complete them all! You guys are the BEST!!! :)